Cemetery in a Black Hole

“If we find a tumulus in a wood which is two meters long by one meter wide arranged with a blade in the shape of a pyramid, we frown and something inside us says: someone is buried here. This is architecture.”
—Adolf Loos

The Vision:  Two bodies, Man and Woman, Love and Death, Fusion, Solidity, Intensity, Mass, Gravity, Acceleration, Light, Fragementation, Opacity, Trasparency, Child, Rotation, Horizon, Silence.

The Site:  A black hole is a collapsing star, a hostile space in our universe. The cemetery in a black hole ratifies this notion by employing architecture as the vehicle for exploring the space. In this case architecture is defined by Loos’ metaphor of the void.

The Program:  The black hole is used as a site to explore the poetic values of architecture and resign formal preconceptions. The program, a cemetery and the site, a black hole are one. One may only experience the black hole by accepting the journey of the dead, by passing the gateway between one universe, and the next.

“There is beauty of form, only where there is beauty of idea.”
—Lebbeus Woods