Northern Gate

The 1st Prize of the 72 Hours Urban Action Competition of the Bat-Yam Biennale 2010, Bat-Yam, Israel is a collaboration between Tal Gur, Matan Israeli, Haim Kayas, Kabata Dorota, Magdalena Juszczak, Maya Ober, Marta Florkowska-Dwojak, Sami Jubrane, Imad Jubrane, Ziad Jubrane and Christophe Barlieb.

The Northern Gate is a beacon at the north end of Ort Israel street situated between two Synagogues, a busy street, a parking lot and a secret garden, it acts as a catalyst for transition and discovery.

The Northern Gate provides parking for local residents and creates a screen between their cars, homes and gardens. Its protects playing children from the busy street and sets the stage for ceremony, discussion, peace and transition. It is a beacon of hope, a threshold into the dynamic neighborhood and business district of Bat-Yam.

a Beacon,
an Edge,
a Screen,
a Gate,
a House,
a Threshold.

Light and Peace.