ROUNDABOUT e.V. is a student association funding architecture discourse. Christophe Barlieb is an initiator and a founding member.

The project emerged from Rainer Hehl and Christophe Barlieb’s desire to promote high quality discourse and build a strong architectural community at the TU Berlin’s Institute of Architecture (IfA) in a bottom-up environment, organised by students and faculty.

ROUNDABOUT e.V. has hosted lectures and discussions since 2014 with:

Christophe Barlieb
Jörg Gleiter
Nina Gribat
Rainer Hehl
Christian Kerez
Philipp Misselwitz
Nikolai von Rosen
Ilka & Andreas Ruby
Thomas Schregenberger
Jack Self
Jörg Stollmann
Martin Tschanz

In addition ROUNDABOUT e.V. funds academic publications and projects by students, for students. The hallmark IfAEx student  end of year architecture exhibition is now integrated into ROUNDABOUT e.V.

To gain financial independence ROUNDABOUT e.V. refurbished and transformed a former guardhouse located at the heart of the IfA’s lobby into a thriving meeting point for students, faculty and visitors. The location known as the ROUNDKIOSK gives members access to free coffee; one of Berlin’s finest espresso and cappuccino brewed by students on a classic WEGA Atlas two group machine. The GEPA fairtrade coffee originates from Tanzania, is roasted in Italy and distributed by one of our finest supporters – Caffe e Ricambio’s Richard Dittrich.

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Graphics: Rainer Hehl, Lena Hegger
Coding: Sebastian Labis
Photos: David Ortner and Christophe Barlieb